About us

Our goals

Our goal is to support you in the digitalization of your (master) data management, with the following aspects:

  1. fast usable and productive services
    • You will get a quick feedback about the application and its features and can make informed decisions about choosing us as a business partner.
  2. fast customizable / configurable services
    • You can react quickly to changing requirements and benefit from a lean change management,
    • no separate setup or configuration projects are required, configuration is done in the service itself
  3. transparent and calculable costs:
    • choose a suitable contract period (contract periods usually monthly or annually, see Products)
    • no hidden costs (see Products) for pricing

Our approach

Our approach is to offer a compact, transparent solution that can be used quickly thanks to its iterative structure:

  1. Iterative approach
    • Each iteration (or sprint / release) contains its own data model and data
    • Inspect and adapt your data per iteration
  2. Web application from the cloud (cloud data management)
    • Software-as-a-Service, you can focus on your business needs
    • accessible over the web
  3. Model-driven development
    • Data models can be configured by yourself,
    • the maintenance of your data structures / model is covered by the configuration
    • we take care of the technical maintenance (consisting of running the server and handling updates and upgrades)