Take a look at our showcase. It shows how data models can be configured and how the business objects are displayed in the UI. You can see how iterations are processed in the service, and how data models can be configured differently for each iteration (the component ‘Geographical objects’, for example, is only included from iteration 2019-02-10 on). The users provided (except “writeGEO”) have read-only rights. You cannot configure new business objects or change existing ones. Exports and API GET-requests are possible.

01.02.2021: Iteration 2021-02-01 contains cities / places in Europe from geonames (, about 2.6 Mio records. This iteration only contains the geonames data, select a different iteration for the other data.

31.12.2020: From iteration 2020-12-31 on, we have added COVID-19 case data (use the user ‘readObjects’). The data views can be found under menu ‘Common’ -> ‘COVID-19 Coronavirus data’. For the data source and license see paragraph ‘Common’ .

Username: readObjects (access to the business objects, no API access)
Password: No+65;H98
Username: readConfiguration (access to the configuration data, no API access)
Password: No+65;H98
Username: read (access to the configuration data, business objects and API)
Password: No+65;H98
Username: writeGEO (write access to the ‘Geographical objects’ component, no API access)
Password: No+65;H98

We have taken data from various open data portals and configured them into a service. In addition to the configuration data of the data models (under ‘Configuration’), you can view the respective data of the business objects:

Common: Common objects that are used in multiple components. Also contains the data for COVID-19, with Publisher: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Source: Also contains data from geonames ( License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

German Meterorological Service: DWD Climate Data Center (CDC), data of different stages of arable crops (“Jahresmelder, aktuell, Version recent, 2018”).

Power plants: Open Power System Data. 2018. Data Package Conventional power plants. Version 2018-02-27. (Primary data from various sources, for a complete list see URL)

Deutsche Bahn (German Railway): Data of the german railway ( )

Geographical objects: Exemplary geographic objects to illustrate the GEO / GIS functions. Some of the other components (power plants, service centers or stations of the German Meterorological Service) also contain geographical objects, but first from iteration 2019-02-10 on.

Please note, that english descriptions for the business objects are only available from iteration 2019-04-01 on.

You want to provide your own data for the showcase? Then contact us at and we will discuss how we can add your data to the showcase.

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