Planned new features

The following list of planned new features is only an excerpt. When, whether or how features are implemented, is not decieded yet. However, if you have any suggestions for new features, you can send them to us to

Planned new features:

  • Create configuration data from existing models automatically (e.g. from JSON or XML metadata), a SQL-Parser has already been implemented
  • Visualization and graphically supported definition of the configuration data (metadata)
  • Configurable PDF exports

New features usually will also become available in existing contracts / services with the next upgrade (if technically possible and compatible); Of course free of charge.

New implemented features:


  • New function: Advanced filtering of list views of your business objects
  • New function: Performance update for imports / exports / archives / copying iterations / parsing CSV files
  • New function: Interrupt running jobs / exports
  • New function: Generate REST URL for a given filtering
  • New function: Integration / import of sample archives / data models
  • Extended function: Number of objects in the geographical map can be configured
  • Extended function: Changing own user data can be deactivated (e.g. for technical users)
  • Extended functionality: All property types can be displayed in list views


  • New Function: Alternative identifiers for attributes: In Imports and the API, the attributes can also be identified using alternative identifiers
  • New Function: New job mode “New or Edit”, if a data record does not yet exist, it is created, otherwise the existing data record is updated
  • New Function: Upload/Download files/archives to Amazon S3; and a new job to automatically upload iteration archives to Amazon S3
  • New Function: Scheduler for Administration and Configuration Jobs
  • Changed Function: Imports / API-Request on child business objects of compositions: The parent object business rules are now also checked / processed
  • Changed Function: Plugin Functions may now be scheduled as a job
  • Changed Function: New Operator IN() for filtering; filtering for sub-attributes of references has been implemented (for API and Plugins)


  • New Function: Parse CSV files, create your data model from existing CSV / XLSX files and automatically import the data to the application
  • New Function: Check business rules, check the business rules without saving / deleting the records.
  • New Function: Sorting, filtering and pagination are retained and used again when the list view is called up later
  • Changed Function: The import of an archive can now be processed automatically in a single step.
  • Changed Function: In JSON / XML exports (or API calls) in some cases an additional empty array was added to the end of the file, this has now been fixed


  • New Function: SQL-Schema-Parser, create your data model from an existing SQL-Schema definition
  • New Function: Job Scheduler for the jobs / imports of your business objects
  • New Plugin Features (your developed plugins will be smoothly integrated into the Application)
    • Imports
    • Exports
    • API-Services
  • New Function: Ticket Dashboard
  • New Function: Single-Iteration-Mode, Configuration-Managers may activate the new Single-Iteration-Mode (users will always work at one iteration)
  • New Function: Application-Parameters can now be configured in the Administration Settings (such as maximum allowed App-Requests (per Minute/Hour/Day), records to be exported etc.)
  • New Function: Mail settings, important events will be sent to the configured mail
  • Changed Function: Filtering in list views now allows combining multiple conditions for a column


  • New Function: Copy all meta business objects from one iteration to another
  • New Function: Terminate business objects (multiple selection)
  • New Function: Textbox for long text fields
  • New Function: Own descriptions for key and value of mapping properties
  • New Function: Logging of important events (like failed logins or user locks)
  • Changed function: File size when importing XLSX files (Mode: separate) increased to 50 MB


  • Develop and install your own plugins (business rules, functions and UIs)
  • Create charts of the data of your business objects
  • New layout for mobile devices


  • Geographical processing of the data


  • Workflows including approval process and tickets
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