Planned new features

The following list of planned new features is only an excerpt. When,  whether or how features are implemented, is not decieded yet. However, if you have any suggestions for new features, you can send them to us to

Planned new features:

  • Even greater customization through integration of individually developed plugins
  • Create configuration data from existing models automatically (e.g. from SQL, JSON or XML metadata)
  • Visualization and graphically supported definition of the configuration data (metadata)
  • Configurable PDF exports

New features usually will also become available in existing contracts / services with the next upgrade (if technically possible and compatible); Of course free of charge.

New implemented features:


  • Workflows including approval process and tickets


  • Geographical processing of the data


  • Develop and install your own plugins (business rules, functions and UIs)
  • Create charts of the data of your business objects
  • New layout for mobile devices