Applications / Use cases

Convince yourself of the possible applications:

  • When a fast and cost-effective solution (SaaS / cloud service) is needed
    • in the area of ​​(master) data management
    • Quick Wins
  • Iterative data management and / or IT project support for agile projects
    • iterations in the project can directly be mapped to iterations in the service
    • frequently changing data models; Data and data models can be edited per iteration
  • Replacement of existing applications for (master) data management
  • Integration of locally or distributed stored data / files into a single system
    • Increase data quality, avoid redundancy, traceability of changes
    • For example, from CSV, text or spreadsheet programs (XLSX, … etc.)
  • A platform for providing data
    • Data can be added in the individually configured and structured format
    • Provide a single interface for third parties for accessing your data (e.g. for your own customers)

The service is not limited to any specific domain. The configuration allows the data model to be defined according to your individual requirements. It may also be used as a mobile solution in the field (for example, via tablet) or if a multilingualism is required.

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