Free and non-binding test for 30 days!

The Showcase has not convinced you yet?

Then test the service to get a better understanding of the service and its features. Please request a test account (order it as Product Test Account). The test account is available to you for 30 days and is free of charge and completely non-binding. There is no automatic conversion or renewal into a paid contract. At the end of the 30 days the test account simply ends. Therefore, please make sure that you have saved the data of the test account (on some external device), if you want to reuse it.

If you want to continue using the test account after the 30 days, we can convert the test account into the desired product. When ordering, please inform us that the service should be converted from the test account.

Scope of the test account:

  • You have the same features as in the regular paid service
  • Hardware capacities (cores, memory and volume) can be reduced compared to paid services.
  • The test account is designed for the simultaneous use of only a few users.

We have a certain quota of test accounts, so it can happen that a test account is not or not immediately available to you. Test accounts are generally possible once per customer. If the period of 30 days of the test account is not enough for you or if you need a second test period, we may decide to extend the test account (just ask us,